Manufacturer: HEIDELBERG CD102-4 Heidelberg Printing machines Model:CD 102 -4 2002 Age 2002 Max.Size:102 x 72 cm (40 x 28 inch) HEIDELBERG CD102-4(72 x 102cm), Age c.2002, serial no.544916, circa 154 million, Silver series machine, CP 2000, Alcolor, Preset, Autoplate, programmable roll/bla/imp. cyl. wash via CP2000, Technotrans Beta C combined refrig/ink temp control with CAN, Heidelberg Scrollstar, Heidelberg powderstar exatronic spray, Heidelberg Airstar, Steel plate in feeder and delivery, Ultrasonic double sheet control, Electronic sidelays, Eltex ionised blast in feeder, contect person: eddie williams Address:173, Town St Armley, Leeds LS12 3JF United Kingdom Tel: +44-701-112-9218 Fex: +44-700-609-0976 Email: