Heidelberg SM 102-4+L (1997) CPTronic, CPC 1-04, Alcolor Vario, CPC42 Autoregister, Heidelberg Preset, Heidelberg Autoplate, Superblue, Eltex anti-static, Technotrans FK-C 4000 cooling and recirculation, All washing devices, Ink line, Ink cooling, Technotrans cooling and recirculation, Automix, High pile, Powder device, Eltex anti-static, Electronic double sheet control, IR-dryer, Coater inpressions 163 million contect person: eddie williams Address:173, Town St Armley, Leeds LS12 3JF United Kingdom Tel: +44-701-112-9218 Fex: +44-700-609-0976 Email: eddiewilliamsmachines@gmail.com